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Designed from the ground up for deepening a yoga practice, and led by top teachers daily, our live classes are as close as you can get at home to a studio experience.
To start, get credits below -- $1 per credit -- and use them to join classes in the PIVOT Yoga app.

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Molly Grace

“Honestly, I was very skeptical about teaching virtually. I was like, 'How am I ever going to assist somebody through a computer screen?' But this is actually pretty cool. I like it a lot.”

- Molly G, Teacher
Brett Larkin

“I really liked the interplay of live video with our teacher and a pre-recorded instruction video!”

- Melissa H, Student
Brett Larkin

“Students in my test classes seem to delight in seeing screenshots of themselves in Warm Down as it gives them a chance to actually see how they execute a pose.”

- Kathryn K, Teacher
Brett Larkin

“I really love the Warm Up and Warm Down modes. I'm a social guy so the opportunity to actually chat and connect with your teacher and other students is a great feature.”

- Justin W, Student
Brett Larkin

“Wow! It’s incredibly innovative…the biggest challenge [with online teaching] is demoing poses and seeing students at the same time...”

- Jatrine B, Teacher
Molly Grace

"Doing yoga with a video, you don’t get personalized instruction if your pose is not quite right...I liked hearing Gabriela pinpoint people and help them adjust."

- Suzy P, Student
Molly Grace

"I couldn't have asked for a better start to my morning."

- Rilween A, Student
Molly Grace

"I found myself disappointed when the class was over!"

- Alyssa D, Student
Molly Grace

"This is the first time I've had a mirror video feed of myself during an online yoga class. It was an in-person barre or pilates I could correct my alignment from home."

- Kate C, Student

Zoom past Zoom.

Underwhelmed with online yoga in the past? Our live class experience gives teachers the tools to deepen your practice, whether or not you're wearing our amazing yoga clothes.

Alignment help

If you’re wearing our PIVOT Yoga clothes, your teacher has a live, 3D view: she can see all sides of your pose, including overhead. Even if you've got cramped quarters, bad light, or a dog in the way.

Teacher attention

In our live classes, a teacher uses a pre-recorded video to demonstrate poses. She spends 100% of her time watching—and commmunicating with—students. Not demonstrating poses. That means less exhaustion for her, and more attention for you.

Deep instruction

Teachers can easily annotate directly on top of a student's live video to illustrate points, and capture highlights to show later or at the end of class.

Confidence booster

If you’re doing a great job on a pose, or just because, your teacher can give you a shoutout, send you digital flowers we call kudos, or even show your pose to the rest of the class.

Progress tracking

Wear PIVOT Yoga clothes and our app will track your progress in new and incredible ways. Track your progress overall, or on particular poses, across multiple classes and teachers. Watch your crow grow!

The right vibe.

You’re not alone inside a live PIVOT Yoga class, and it won’t feel that way. Activities and milestones for you and other students will continually scroll through one side of the class. And each class has set aside hangout times before and after so you can mingle.

How it all works
Technical requirements
Supported Devices

iOS iPhone X or later, iOS 13 or later.

Android TBD

Washing Instructions

Speed 5Mbps Down / Up

Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz, 802.11

TV Display

Available via AirPlay, Chromecast, or HDMI cable. See how to connect a TV.


Available via email and
chat, 9a-7pm PT M-F

In the Box

PIVOT Yoga clothes are not required for any Live Class. If you do add them, you'll enjoy deeper teacher feedback, unprecedented progress tracking, and unlimited acceess to our on demand classes.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much do live classes cost?

The price for each live class is set by its teacher. We've seen anywhere from $1 to much more, particularly for one-on-one classes and workshops, though it probably averages around $12. So we recommend most folks start with $15.

Do my credits expire?

No, your credits do not expire like, say, frequent flyer miles. If you add some credit today, and don't use it until next year or later, you'll be just fine.

Do I need to have PIVOT Yoga clothes to attend a live class?

Absolutely not. The core experience will be substantially the same if you just wear your regular old yoga clothes — or jeans and a T-shirt, for that matter. But your experience would be better, and of course if you have PIVOT Yoga clothes then you'll also be able to take advantage of our on demand classes too.

Can I participate in a live class with my camera off? I'm not comfortable with the teacher seeing me.

That's between you and your teacher. It's certainly true, however, that if you're not wearing PIVOT Yoga clothes, and your teacher can't see you otherwise, then you won't be getting much in the way of feedback from the teacher. For us, that's a big downer — we think feedback is critical — but everybody has their preferences.

Can I use my PIVOT Yoga clothes in a live class without a subscription?

For the clothes to work, you must have an active PIVOT Yoga subscription. That subscription allows you access to unlimited on demand classes and powers your live class experience.

When will my live class credits hit my account?

It should be virtually instantaneous. In some cases, you might need to wait for up to a minute.

My phone is so small. What can I do to see the screen better?

We'd suggest you display the PIVOT Yoga app on a TV. We recommend an HDMI cable and a "dongle", or connector, that connects your iOS device to the HDMI cable and TV. You can also purchase a two-in-one HDMI cable that has an HDMI connector on one end and a lightning connector for your iPhone on the other. More detail

I just want a mellow flow, and am not so into improvement. Is this for me?

While it's true we've designed the experience around the idea of feedback, ultimately your experience in a class is up to the teacher you choose. Some classes may emphasize music and mood, and can simply show highlights at the end. And you can always check your progress later, as in much, much later. Other teachers and classes may be more analytical. It all depends on the teacher and her goals for the class. So we recommend you try a couple to find a fit.

Is this for beginners? What about advanced?

It's our experience so far that different people use PIVOT Yoga in different ways. For beginners, it's a great way to get going without the intimidation of going to a studio for the first time. While studios do a great job welcoming beginners, the fact is that not everybody is comfortable doing yoga in public, and that's just fine with us. Those folks need alignment feedback, too, and in our live classes, a teacher is really set up to give it you.


More advanced yogis may find that live classes that dive deep on a challenging pose, or feature smaller student-teacher ratios, may be a better fit.


The sky's the limit, and we hope to support as many different kinds of yogis as we can. You deserve it!

How many students are in live classes?

Our live classes are limited to 16 students each so that we can make sure a teacher has time for each student. Individual teachers may also choose to limit their class sizes even further.

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