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We’ve developed fundamentally new kinds of yoga classes, both on demand and live, that are designed around our multi-patented Shirt & Pant and the idea of instant feedback for students. So our teachers aren't just great teachers; they're pioneers, too, who care deeply about student development.


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To truly take advantage of the teaching potential in our Shirt & Pant for students, we’ve built the world’s most advanced teaching and practice management platform: our Teacher app for Apple macOS.

Teaching live on the multipatented PIVOT Yoga platform lets you view student postures from any angle, regardless of lighting conditions or student camera setup. Track student satisfaction and progress over time, even — incredibly — by pose.* Annotate, highlight, and encourage using tools built with and for yoga teachers.

All for less than half the cost of instructor tools from MindBody, FitGrid, and Hey Marvelous.

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* PIVOT Yoga Shirt & Pant required of students for some features.

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Who can teach on PIVOT Yoga?

Anybody can teach on PIVOT Yoga. As we start out with, we're working with our first set of teachers to train them up a bit, because it's a big, big change from conventional online teaching. As we can't train everybody at once, we're picking cohorts of teachers to train, a group at a time. By all means, if you're interested, contact us and we'll work you into the rollout.

Is this for beginner students, or advanced?

We have definitely designed the experience around the idea of poses being demonstrated. Beginners absolutely need that. But for classes where all the students already know the poses well, a teacher may wish to use a teaching video more sparingly, or even a live model.

What yoga styles work best?

We have yet to run across a style that coudn't benefit from more teacher attention to students, which is the core of what we offer. That said, if the focus of your teaching isn't about feedback, and you don't get tired from demonstrating poses all the time, you dont mind the hassle of gathering payments manually from students, and you don't mind paying more overall, then perhaps existing conventional livestreaming tools are a better fit for you. But we think for everybody else, PIVOT Yoga Teacher is going to be a very strong option.

What kind of computer do I need?

For now, you'll need a Mac. It doesn't even have to be a laptop, an iMac or desktop would be fine as well. But you do need at least 8Gb of RAM and a relatively speedy CPU and graphics processor. For MacBook Air's in particular, we'd recommend 2017 or later.

Do teachers need to wear PIVOT Yoga clothes?

Not at all. Teachers can wear whatever they'd like. So can students, actually -- only, if they want the teacher to be able to see their avatar, or if they want to analyze their progress, then they'll need our clothes.

How much does it cost?

PIVOT Yoga Teacher charges no monthly fee. Instead, we charge a 12% fee on your revenue through the platform, which we then use in large part to pay for your credit card payment processing costs. So if you teach 10 students in a month and charge them $10 each, you'd have gross revenue of $100, PIVOT Yoga would take $12, and you'd be left with $88. It couldn't be simpler. There are no other costs or charges, period. And no, we don't tack on fees to your students, either (we've seen some industry players start doing that).

What if I don't have any videos to use as teaching videos?

Take a deep breath, it's going to be easier than you think! What your students need is a clear demonstration of the pose from one angle, almost certainly the side. They do not need sound, or fancy camera work or even a fancy film camera. Chances are excellent that any late model smartphone already has a camera good enough to make a teaching video for PIVOT Yoga Teacher. But if that's still completely beyond you, you can get permission to use one from someone else, or even use one of a few videos we expect to license and make available.

What makes a teacher successful on PIVOT Yoga?

In the beginnings of using PIVOT Yoga Teacher, we'd expect that you'll probably be teaching mostly to your existing students, as you take them through our reimagined online class experience. Over time, however, we do expect organic traffic on our platform to develop to the point where you may well see new students signing up for and attending your classes. To get to that point, we encourage you to have great photos, a solid bio, relatively short class lengths (less than 50 minutes seems to be most popular), and clean and clear teaching videos.

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