PIVOT Yoga Shirt & Pant

+ $19/mo on demand classes subscription

Introducing PIVOT Yoga. Our shirt and pant work with our exclusive online classes and mobile app to let you deepen your practice. Practice on demand alongside a teacher, and get their immediate, customized feedback on your alignment. Or practice in our live group classes (sold separately). All without leaving home.


SHIRT: Navy/Blue Heather

PANTS: Charcoal

Model is 5' 10" and wears a size S shirt and pant.


SHIRT: Grey Heather

PANTS: Black

Model is 6' 1" with a 42" chest and wearing a size M shirt and pant.

Clothes with teachers built in.

Your subscription includes unlimited use of all the online classes from our teachers.

But that's just the start. Our classes are unique because our teachers give you feedback, anytime! During a pose, ask your teacher, "How's this look?" She'll answer, to the inch.

Brett Larkin

“This is the personalized feedback and attention we all deserve in our practice. I'm so excited!”

- Brett Larkin
Molly Grace

“Not every student is comfortable heading to a studio. PIVOT fills that gap. ”

- Molly Grace
Thumbholes & Stirrups

Thumbholes and stirrups make sure that we've got you covered, and help ensure we can follow you accurately as you practice.


Our stripes are designed to help you use our product. Because you'll often be looking at a representation of yourself on screen, it can be handy to have a mark on your clothes to tell you which side of your body is which. Trust us, it's easy to get confused!

Warrior I

Our garments aren't just smart. They're also super comfy, wick sweat like a champ, and feel luxurious on your skin.

Tech Specs
Washing Instructions
Washing Instructions

Machine wash cold

Hang or Lay Flat to Dry

Hang or lay flat to dry. Do not put garments in the dryer, at any temperature.

Supported Devices
Supported Devices

Apple iPhone 7 and higher, iOS v.13 or higher.

Charging Connection
Charging Connection



2.4Ghz, 802.11


Clothes: polyester, spandex. Charger and Battery: aluminium, plastic, silicone.


Available 9a-7p PT here

In the Box
Included in the box

· PIVOT Yoga Shirt & Pant
· Micro USB charger with reset button and charging status indicator


Non-replaceable battery
· Estimated 5 hours of continuous use
· Charging time 2 hours

Frequently Asked Questions
Will you offer a money-back guarantee?

We sure will. Try PIVOT Yoga for 30 days. Return for any reason--at our expense. We want you to be completely satisfied, and also want to work with you to make sure you've got the right size clothes (it's a little tricky, as our sizing is unique.) Full details on our warranty are here.

How does the sizing run?

We want everybody to try yoga, and that's why our clothes are sized to fit every body. And, since we need a snug fit in order for you to get the most out of PIVOT Yoga, the best bet is to check the sizing chart at the top of this page. As a general rule, expect to order a size or two smaller than you're used to, especially in the Shirt. Ultimately, we'll work with you to get the fit right. That's one of the reasons we have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Are the clothes washable?

Yes, definitely. We suggest washing in cold or warm water, as you would for regular darks, and you don't need to wash them specially--they can go right in with your other dark clothes. You can always hand-wash them, too, if you prefer (and, if you're traveling, it might be your only option!).

I have an Android phone. Will this work?

At launch, we'll support iOS phones only. But we'll be adding Android support just as soon as we can.

Do I need both the clothes and the app?

Well, you can certainly wear your PIVOT Yoga garments wherever and whenever you like. But the app itself is designed to work directly with the garments; it won't work properly without them.

How do I display PIVOT on my TV?

To display the PIVOT Yoga app on a TV, you'll need one of these things:

  1. - Apple TV 4K and an iPhone X, Xs, or Xr
  2. - An HDMI cable and a "dongle", or connector, that connects
      your iOS device to the HDMI cable and TV.
  3. - A newer (later than 2013) Samsung TV.

If you don't have a late model Samsung TV or Apple TV already, a dongle can be purchased for approximately $20.

Are the electronics harmful in some way?

The electronics in the garments are specially designed to be safe to wear for daily yoga plus running errands, etc. The worst that could happen is that they stop working due to something unusual happening, or putting them in the dryer. (Don't put them in the dryer!)

Sounds a little judgy. Will my clothes nag me?

The last thing anybody needs are some judgy clothes. PIVOT Yoga is designed to support you as you deepen your practice, full stop. If you want some advice, you can ask for it easily. But if you don't ask for advice, our lips are sealed. We're here for when you need us, and not a moment before.

Is this for beginners? What about advanced?

It's our experience so far that different people use PIVOT Yoga in different ways. For beginners, it's a great way to get going without the intimidation of going to a studio for the first time. While studios do a great job welcoming beginners, the fact is that not everybody is comfortable doing yoga in public, and that's just fine with us. Those folks need alignment feedback, too.


More advanced yogis may want to use PIVOT Yoga to track their progress, or to focus in depth on a few particular poses (crow pose, anybody?) that have been giving them trouble.


The sky's the limit, and we hope to support as many different kinds of yogis as we can. You deserve it!

My body is pretty unique. Will this work for me?

We hope so. One thing to keep in mind is that while many teachers do have a notion of a "correct" asana in their heads, they are also quite good at adapting that to different kinds of yogis, with different sizes, shapes, and levels of flexibility. We fully support teachers who want to teach variations or modifications to poses, and you'll want to find the teacher on PIVOT who's the best fit for you. We'll be adding teachers constantly, so if you don't find somebody who seems right today, try us later, too!

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