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Molly Grace

Power Yoga

Molly was born in Seoul, Korea and grew up in Buffalo, NY, where she eventually owned a Mixed Martial Arts gym. Her inerest in yoga grew organically after she began to look to increase her flexibility.

Once she saw the many benefits gained through yoga practice, Molly began teaching yoga to MMA fighters, in order to increase their core strength, balance, and flexibility. Shortly afterwards, Molly moved to California and began teaching yoga extensively, eventually gaining her Kundalini certification.

Molly's passion is for improving each practitioner’s confidence and body awareness, which is so essential to yoga (and so much else!). Her classes engage the entire body with a focus on core activation, breathing exercises, and a fun encouraging atmosphere. Molly’s classes are great for all levels, but especially those looking for a workout and core strengthening.

  • City: Milpitas, CA USA
  • Certifications: Kundalini

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